Kashmir Jones Hip Hop Dominican

In recent years hip hop has been making its way on the island of Santo Domingo, Adopting itself as a sub-culture which is being increasingly accepted by much of society, becoming one of the many expressions of Dominican youth.

Hailing from a hometown near Sicily, Suami Cavallo, kiteboarder extraordinaire, was only 2 when her family visited relatives in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is not that well known for its film industry but this Caribbean island has some amazing talent, including Ivan Herrera.

About a decade ago, a finely-traced yet young and resolute woman embarked on a journey where only very few have been successful.

Before his life changed, Andreas Lagopoulos was a carpenter making good money creating furniture in Canada. He was also a kite surfer who loved going on kite trips.

Aryen Gonzalez has been a kiteboarder for over ten years, even competing professionally a number of times but never winning as he rarely had enough equipment to train properly.

“The Story of My Life”. That’s the title of his 2008 album. Child prodigy Eric Gales could possibly fill dozens of albums with stories from his fascinating life.


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