We’re back with your dose of dominicanisms and it’s one of a kind island slang. Let us know what happens when you insert these in your daily life or on your next trip to the DR!

Public transportation in a foreign country always takes some getting used to—perhaps in your own country, as well.

Following up on the many cool reactions we got on the last article, we’ve decided it was time to have another article on Dominicanisms.

They say ¨not all who wander are lost¨. I, for one, usually am.

Typically, people come to Cabarete to kiteboard, surf or windsurf. But what else is there to do...?

Everybody is different. Some people get their bags ready for the way back days in advance, relishing the fact that they’ll be going home soon, to well-known surroundings.

“What kind of budget do I need to keep in mind when coming to Cabarete for a fortnight?”

Although the Dominican Republic, and especially Cabarete, is usually quite safe in terms of food safety, people who visit the country for the first time often ask what they should look out for.

If you’re thinking of travelling around the Dominican Republic, then the small fishing village of Las Salinas should definitely be on your to-visit-list.

Proudly perched high above the Caribbean Sea and surrounded by lush tropical jungle vegetation, Altos de Chavon looks and feels like a 16th century Mediterranean village. 

Sometimes it can seem like the worst thing ever when it rains during your holiday.

For many of us going to the tropics to take that much yearned after holiday in the sun on beautiful beaches with lightly swaying palm trees means taking a plane.

As summer is closing in on us and the weather has been unseasonably hot for this time of year.

Getting to and from the Dominican Republic always involves either air travel or travel by boat, unless you go to Haiti, which shares the island of Hispaniola.

People thinking of visiting the Dominican Republic often ask whether it’s necessary to know Spanish while vacationing on this tropical island.

Laguna Dudu, Cabrera - Lifestyle Cabarete - Photo by Andreas LagopoulosLaguna Dudu, also called Blue Lagoon, is a great destination for a day excursion, especially if it’s a hot day when some cooling off is highly recommended.

Located close to Cabrera on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, the cenote, or sinkholes, consists of several natural deep lakes with crystal clear cold water. The lakes are interconnected by natural underground tunnels making this a unique spot for divers.


Typical street sign in colonial center of Santo DomingoA lot of visitors to the Dominican Republic fly into Santo Domingo before going onwards to their final destinations. Often people travel onwards straight away or might stop for an overnight stay in the colonial center of the capital city. But the city has so much more to offer than just the colonial center.  We’ve put together a short list of the main Santo Domingo highlights so next time you pass through you’ll have something to look forward to and break the monotony of travel.



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