Laguna Dudu, Cabrera - Lifestyle Cabarete - Photo by Andreas LagopoulosLaguna Dudu, also called Blue Lagoon, is a great destination for a day excursion, especially if it’s a hot day when some cooling off is highly recommended.

Located close to Cabrera on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, the cenote, or sinkholes, consists of several natural deep lakes with crystal clear cold water. The lakes are interconnected by natural underground tunnels making this a unique spot for divers.


Laguna Dudu, Cabrera - Lifestyle Cabarete - Photo by Andreas Lagopoulos

A zipline has been installed over the biggest lake, which is great fun. Buoys in the water show when you have to let go. The water depth is at least thirty meters deep, which is more than enough to ensure your safety as the jump is about ten meters high. You do however need to jump where the
buoys tell you to as there are a number of submerged trees on which you do not want to fall. You can of course also just swim and cool off in the fresh cool water.

Laguna Dudu is the only place in the Dominican Republic where you can do cave dives going from one natural lake to the next. The submerged trees in the biggest lake which have been preserved by the fresh water make for an underwater forest. Divers have described it as spectacular.

The area has one cave that is said to have been inhabited by a Taino Indian, named Dudu, which is where the area is supposed to have gotten its name from. The other theory about how the name came about is because of the many doubts on the depth of the different lakes.

The cave features some Taino drawings and some impressive rock formations. Lights have been installed to guide people inside the cave but due to the many electricity outages they may not be working when you visit. Be sure to bring a torch so you can still visit the impressive cave.

Ostriches and other birds
Even those with little interest in birds will love observing how ostriches deal with people trying to take selfies in front of them. Squeals and laughter guaranteed! For other bird watching check out the ducks, chicken and swans.


The area has lots of grassy areas, which is great for sunbathing, a picnic area, some hammocks, a restaurant and a cafeteria. If you like having the place to yourself, go during the week. If you like the hustle and bustle of big Dominican families having fun go on a Sunday.

Laguna Dudu, Cabrera - Lifestyle Cabarete - Photo by Andreas LagopoulosHow to get there
Rent a car for the day or hire a taxi driver to drive you. Coming from Cabarete, Sosua or Puerto Plata, you need to drive in the direction of Gaspar Hernandez and Cabrera. Once passed Cabrera (about 6 kilometers after Cabrera) you’ll see signs for Laguna Dudu on your right hand side.

What to take with you

  • Bathing suit & towel
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Non-slip sandals (the stairs down to the big lagoon can be quite slippery)
  • Torch (to explore the cave in case the electricity is out)


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Laguna Dudu Photos by Andreas Lagopoulos





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