Typically, people come to Cabarete to kiteboard, surf or windsurf. But what else is there to do...?

During their stay they’ll go to a couple of restaurants on the beach and will go dancing at Ojo’s. Maybe they’ll even throw in a morning of jumping down waterfalls at the 27 Damajuaga falls.

Many people are quite content with this two-dimensional experience but Cabarete has so much more to offer. Below is a list of ten things you didn’t know you could do in Cabarete. Follow these suggestions to get off the beaten track and you’ll be sure to have a much richer experience next time you come to visit.

Sports capital and more
Cabarete is known as the sports capital of the Dominican Republic and that reputation is well-founded. Activities range from paddle-boarding to surfing, horseback riding to enduro biking, rappelling to trekking and yoga to kickboxing. Or what about doing yoga on a paddle-board in the middle of Cabarete Bay? Imagination is the limit so next time you’re in Cabarete ask around as more beautiful and interesting combinations are being dreamt up every day.

 Yoga on a paddleboard

Cabarete caves - photo credit TripadvisorMore than just beach
Often people don’t see beyond beach life. Granted, sun, sea and sand make for a great combination but Cabarete also has a beautiful national park right in its back garden. El Choco National Park is well-known for its caves and are definitely worth a visit. People who are into mountain biking or horseback riding will love the myriad of beautiful trails spread around the area.

Also unbeknown to most visitors is the fact that there is a huge lagoon running nearly the whole length of inland Cabarete. Populated by manatees, this is a great playground to go paddle boarding.   

Enjoy a beer and a dominoe gameParty Dominican style
Cabarete nightlife is great fun with lots of different places to choose from on the beach for dancing and drinking. For those interested in a more local experience there are several other options as well. On the main road you’ll find several places where you can play pool or dominoes with locals. As you befriend them ask them to take you into Callejon or La Cienega to have a few drinks at the colmado, the local corner shop. These places will sell beer and the typical Cuba Libre or Santo Libre with music blasting out super loud. People will dance in the street and will be happy if you join them.

Help make this world a better place
Cabarete has its fair share of non-governmental organizations that work hard to provide better education possibilities to local youth as well as to improve life in the poorest Dominican neighborhoods. They’re always looking for people to help them so feel good about yourself as you give back something to this beautiful community.

Not yet ready for any time investment? There are loads of Cabarete shops that sell beautiful art and clothing made by locals, so you can help the local community by buying local.
A newly built house in Barrio Blanco and its proud ownerBarrio Blanco before anyone came to helpLocal art sold at one of the many shops in Cabarete

See Cabarete and surroundings from a different pespective
Add a new dimension to your holiday. If you’re up for an adventure and like to see things from a bird’s eye view, then hire a private plane with a pilot to explore the beautiful surroundings from above.

Prefer seeing things from the sea? Sail off into adventure on a catamaran tour, and explore the coastline! Add to that the bonus that you'll be able to snorkel in clear waters and explore the reef as well.
Fly for Fun pilot Rex in action - photo credit Fly for Fun

The Adventure Sports Capital in the Caribbean


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