“What kind of budget do I need to keep in mind when coming to Cabarete for a fortnight?”

That’s a typical question we get asked a lot, and although it’s not an easy one to answer as it really depends on your lifestyle we’ve decided to give an idea of average costs of typical expenditures likely to be incurred by the happy-go-lucky traveler staying in Cabarete for a little while.

Of course everybody has different priorities, some like to go out every night, whereas others will want to learn how to kite. Maybe you want to have a surf lesson a couple of mornings, dine at a few nice restaurants instead of making your own food and go for a little excursion one day when there is no wind. Plan your travel budget keeping the indicative prices below in mind so that you don’t find yourself running out of money half-way through.

Drinks at The Bars:
Fruity cocktail anyone?Beer: 100RD-150RD for a small bottle of Presidente
Cuba Libre: 100RD-150RD
Mojito: 100RD-200RD
Coca Cola: 50RD-100RD
Water: 50RD-100RD
Fresh juice: 80RD-150RD

On the beach, and also away from the beach, bars will have happy hours. In theory you could hop from happy hour to happy hour, getting two for one drinks all night long.

Bread: 100RD-200 RDS
Croissant: 50RD-90 RDS
Coffee: 50RD-100 RDS

Shop around at the different bakeries. Depending on your tastes, you’ll find the right bread at the right price. Most bakeries also offer full breakfasts, which comes in handy if you don’t want to cook or missed the breakfast at your hotel.

Yummy hamburger to still your hunger at middayRestaurants – midday (not on the beach)
Simple Dominican style meal (chicken, rice and beans): 120RD-200RD
Plato del dia (dish of the day): 140RD-200RD
Burrito: 200RD
Hamburger with fries: 150RD-250RD

Also on the beach some very good deals can be had during the day, both for food and drinks. Away from the beach, especially in Dominican places you can eat your belly full for very little money.


Amazing lobster is served at one of the better restaurants on the beach of CabareteRestaurants – evening (no drinks incl)
Tapas: +-300RD per tapa
Churrasco (flat beef on barbeque with side): 300RD-450RD per person
Local fish dish on the beach: +-600RD per person
Lobster on the beach: +-1500RD per person with starter
Italian food: +-300RD-500RD per pizza / dish (more on the beach)
Chinese food: +-150RD-300RD per person
Japanese food: +-900RD per person

Restaurants on the beach are quite a bit more expensive than the ones on the main street or in Dominican neighborhoods. This is because of the setting and because they tend to add 18% tax plus 10% service tax on top of their prices. There are however a number of exquisite meals to be had on the beach so do plan in for at least one feast during your stay.

Learn how to kite in CabareteKite lessons
Kite lesson: 60USD/hour.
Kite gear rental: 1 day: +-70USD

Look around and talk to different schools. Research the instructors and be sure you get the type of lesson you want for the price you are paying. If you are planning on learning, there are many schools that offer special deals on beginner packages, with one or two free hours of classes. Kite rental gear will obviously become less expensive per day if you rent for several days.

Surf lesson: +-45USD/hour. Usually this does mean you can use the surfboard for the rest of the day to practice what you’ve learned.
Surfboard rental: 1day: +-10-20USD

Again talk to the people in the different surf schools. Prices tend to be a flexible thing in the Dominican Republic and asking price is not necessarily what you’ll be paying in the end. Especially rental prices for surfboards can vary depending on who you talk to and how well you manage to negotiate.

Surfing at Encuentro is legendary on the island
Dive lesson: +-80USD
Rent a car for greater freedom on your Caribbean dream vacation

Car hire
Small car, 1 day hire: +-45USD including full insurance
Medium sized car, 1 day hire: +-50USD including full insurance
Small jeesp, 1 day car hire: 60USD including full insurance
Big car, 1 day hire: 70-90USD including full insurance
Big jeep, 1 day hire: 110USD including full insurance

Don’t skimp on the full insurance! Accidents can happen and although Dominicans are the nicest people many will try and take advantage of the situation by making your pocket a bit (or a lot) lighter.

Horse riding excursion - photo credit: Rancho Louisa y TommyExcursions
River kayaking: ½ day excursion: +-60USD/person
Canyoning: ½ day excursion: +-80USD/person
Mountain biking: ½ day excursion: +-75USD/person
Horse riding: ½ day excursion: +-70USD/person
27 waterfalls – organized ½ day excursion: +-80USD/person
27 waterfalls – on your own:

Transport: car hire costs (see below) or about 400RD in public transport return (takes a long time)
Entrance: between 300RD and 500RD depending on how many waterfalls you want to do, plus tip for the guide at the end.

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