Getting to and from the Dominican Republic always involves either air travel or travel by boat, unless you go to Haiti, which shares the island of Hispaniola.

Getting to other Caribbean often also means flying first to the United States to get a connecting flight, with all the hassle of going through US customs.

However, recent developments in the airline industry now means that travel to and from the Dominican Republic will be made easier, especially within the Caribbean region. Also within the island visitors can now take a plane to cut on travel time.

Getting to other Caribbean islands

PAWA Dominicana - photo credit - jetphotos.netAirline PAWA Dominicana has recently announced that it has received the necessary permits to start flying to Aruba, Curacao and St Maarten, with services foreseen to start sometime in August 2015. These destinations will add some welcome additional routes to the ones already serviced by Seaborne Airways, Fly InselAir and InterCaribbean Airways.

PAWA Dominicana will reportedly also be flying to Havana, Cuba and San Juan, Puerto Rico, as well as Miami and New York.


TAS- flying from Punta Cana to Puerto Plata and other routesInternal flights
On 5 June Tropical Aero Servicios (TAS) started servicing a number of internal routes, including the route between Punta Cana and Puerto Plata, Puerto Plata and Santiago as well as Punta Cana to the capital. Tickets are reported to cost an average of 200USD, which is a lot pricier than the bus, but so much more comfortable and definitely faster!

Dominican Wings - photo credit airportal.huNew Caribbean carrier
Dominican Wings, a new Caribbean start-up carrier formed by Lithuanian operator Avion Express, which so far one Airbus 320 in its fleet, is said to introduce a weekly charter link between Santo Domingo and Buenos Aires, via Manaus, Brazil, to support demand from Argentine tour operators. No formal launch date of services has yet been announced but further routes between Santo Domingo and Colombia and Peru are reportedly being explored.

More flights to Puerto Plata
Starting December 2015, Air Canada will start flying much more to Puerto Plata, with flights from Montreal to Puerto Plata tripling from one flight to three flights a week, as well as flights from Toronto to Puerto Plata doubling from one to two flights a week. WestJet Airlines, which also operates from Canada, will also double its flights to Puerto Plata, increasing its flights from Toronto to Puerto Plata from two to four times per week. In 2014, more than 700,000 Canadian tourists flew into the Dominican Republic through the country’s international airports. During the first four months of this year, that number registered at over 400,000 already.

Also visitors from Europe can expect an increase in routes to Puerto Plata with the Lufthansa-Group airline commencing a new route from Bonn/Cologne to Puerto Plata starting November 2015, as well as planned route startin December 2015 from Stockholm to Puerto Plata.
air canada logoWestJet-Logocondor-airlines-logo

La Romana and Samana
logo_jetblueAlso La Romana, a small airport located in between Santo Domingo and Punta Cana close to famous Casa del Campo, will be receiving more flights, especially from Canada and the US. JetBlue has added a Monday flight from New York to La Romana at the end of June and Air Canada will  begin flights between Montreal and La Romana in December 2015.

Beautiful Samana will also be serviced more often by Air Canada starting December 2015.


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