Everybody is different. Some people get their bags ready for the way back days in advance, relishing the fact that they’ll be going home soon, to well-known surroundings.

Whereas others ignore their departure date until the very last minute when it’s time to dump everything in their bag while the taxi is already waiting to get them to the airport. No matter what type you are, here is a handy list of the eight things you really should do on your last day of vacation on a Caribbean island before traveling back home.
1.       Find and pack your passport and other essentials

Most likely you will have stored your passport together with your credit cards and keys in the safety deposit box of your hotel or apartment. Don’t forget to take them out before you leave your accommodation (and believe it or not, this happens more often than you think). Leaving without your travel documents means you won’t be able to travel and can turn a perfect trip into a bit of a nightmare.

2.       Re-charge your electronic devices before stowing them away
Nothing worse than getting back and having to call a taxi or a friend to come and pick you up, only to find that your phone has no more battery…
Passport, phone, sunglasses

3.       Dry your kite (unless you’ve got perfect conditions)
Depending on the conditions and the state of your physical condition after a fortnight of intensive kiting, consider taking the last day off to dry your kite and brush it down so there’s no more sand. Once dry and without sand you’ll be able to pack it down to its minimal size and weight.
If the conditions on the other hand are picture perfect, as they so often are here in kite paradise Cabarete, just go for it and find a way to dry your kite at home before storing it. Keep in mind though, that if your kite bag was close to the weight limit on the way in that wet gear might tip you into being overweight. The best time to dry your kite here in Cabarete is with the morning sun until about 4:30pm. Afterwards the air on the beach and close by, especially in winter, will get moist and salty, and your kite won’t get really dry.
Dry your kite

4.       Enjoy the sunshine
You came to the Caribbean for a reason, and that reason most likely involves copious amounts of sunshine. Be sure to enjoy this as much as you can on your last day as well, obviously still taking care not to get sunburnt. Consider chilling side by side by your kite while it’s drying.
Enjoy the sun
5.       Organize entertainment for your flight back
Depending on with whom you fly, you might have to organize yourself a bit to make sure you’ll be kept entertained on the flight. Nothing more boring than having to stare at the plastic back of the seat in front of you for hours on an end. Download some films for your laptop or pad, some podcasts for your mp3 player or just get a book and settle down the old-fashioned way.
6.       Spend your left-over money
Once you’re sure you don’t have any outstanding bills left to pay, spend your left-over money on small souvenirs for your friends and family at home. Cabarete has some really good artists who make great souvenirs that are easy to take with you, including jewelry made from seeds, paintings (they’ll take out the back frame for easy transportation), and many other items. No point in keeping Dominican Pesos in your kitchen drawer at home if you can make some loved-ones back home happy. Check out the Cabarete Art and Craft BaZaar for ideas.
Spend your leftover money

7.       Swim one last time in the ocean
Depending on where you’re from, it’s most likely that you won’t have the chance to swim in such a warm ocean again any time soon. A morning swim before you set off on your voyage back is an amazing way to round off your trip.
Jump in the ocean

8.       Change your watch back to your time zone
To minimize jetlag when you’re crossing back into your own time zone, consider changing the time on your watch back to your own time once you’re on the plane. That will give you extra time to get used again to your own time.


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