Sometimes it can seem like the worst thing ever when it rains during your holiday.

Luckily in Cabarete the rain usually doesn’t last very long and on the rare occasion that it rains for longer than a few hours we’ve put together a number of fun things to do around town when it pours it down. And remember after the rain the rivers will have swollen so it will be more fun to go canyoning, jump down waterfalls or go on a muddy bike tour.

Get a massage

Relax through the rain with an amazing massageWhat better way to relax and forget about the weather than with a good massage? Cabarete has quite a number of massage places ranging from luxury to not so luxurious. Check out the non-exhaustive list below. A more Dominican and simple place with good prices is Magic Hands close to La Rosa supermarket. Ask for Elba.

Andari Spa 
N Day Spa 
Saving Grace Yoga and Massage Therapy
Tranquila Spa
Water Massage Salon Spa

Learn how to dance salsa while it's rainingTake a dance lesson
Make use of that rainy day to learn the basic (or more advanced) steps of sexy dances like salsa, bachata or merengue. Check out the Alma Libre Dance School or ask at the hotel or apartment complex where you’re staying for the latest information.

Play pool or domino
Playing pool or domino are typical Dominican pass times, rain or no rain, and pool tables as well as domino tables can be found on nearly every street corner. Head into Cabarete on the main street and look up to the second floor of the buildings on the interior side. You’ll find loads of pool places with sometimes not so obvious to find entrances. The pool tables tend to go for the symbolic rate of 20 to 25 pesos per game, which often isn’t even counted as long as you buy refreshments.

The rain is always a good excuse to go shopping for souvenirs or trendy beachwearShop for souvenirs / cool beach clothing for once the sun comes out again
The sun is bound to come out again soon and for those who like to be efficient those rainy hours can be well spent shopping for the right souvenirs to bring back home or to pick up that bikini you always wanted. Cabarete has loads of swimwear, souvenir and jewelry shops. Just bring an umbrella to hop between them.

Walk on the beach in the rain
Get your partner, find a big umbrella and go for a long walk on the beach. It will most likely be deserted and the colors of both the sky and the sea will be impressive. Very romantic if you don’t mind getting a bit wet and a great excuse to have a long hot shower together afterwards.


Kickboxing is just one of the many things you can do if it rainsGet your muscles pumping
Want to move and get rid of your energy? Then join a cross-fit or kickboxing class for the day. It’s sure to be harder work than kiting a few hours. Classes can be found at Rogue Fitness Cabarete and other places. Ask around for more information.

Watch a film at Cabarete Social Club
On a rainy afternoon go down to the Cabarete Social Club. They show kids films at 6pm and new releases as well as classics at 8pm. Closed on Wednesday. Check out their program here.


Do some yoga
Meditate with the rain dripping in the backgroundMeditate and stretch with rain tapping away in the background. Cabarete is probably the town with the most yoga teachers in the Dominican Republic so you’re sure to find one that fits your style. Head down to the Namaste Yoga store located on the east side of Cabarete, which has information on all the different yoga classes available around town. More information.

Circus shenanigans
Great fun for both young and not so young! Learn all kinds of circus action just for the fun of it or to impress your friends. Check out the Kaceitos website for more information.

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